Tips for Finding the Right Dachshund Breeder

Tips for Finding the Right Dachshund Breeder

Before you add a new puppy to your family, it’s a good idea to find a responsible Dachshund breeder who can provide you with a puppy that is happy and healthy. It can be surprisingly difficult to do that in this day and age, though, as many people try to make a quick buck by running puppy mills that do more harm than good for dogs.

Here are some tips that will help you find a responsible Dachshund breeder in your area.

Use reputable online resources.

When most people are in search of a new puppy, they will turn to the internet. This is a good approach to take, but you need to make sure you use reputable resources. For example, the American Kennel Club offers an online marketplace that makes it easy to find trusted breeders in your state. You should steer clear of buying puppies on sites like Craigslist and check out these kinds of resources instead.

Speak with a breeder and ask the right questions.

Once you have found a puppy online you might be interested in bringing home, reach out to the breeder associated with it and ask questions. Find out how long the breeder has been in business, how experienced he or she is with Dachshund puppies, and what steps they can take to make sure puppies are healthy before they are sold. You want to feel comfortable with a breeder and know you’re getting the right answers before you move on to the next step

Visit a puppy and check out its living conditions.

After you feel comfortable enough with a Dachshund breeder, arrange to visit the puppy you are thinking about bringing home. When you do, ask to see where it has been living and what kind of conditions it has been exposed to. You should also watch to see how the Dachshund puppy interacts with the breeder. This will tell you a lot about how the breeder has been treating the puppy.

Make sure the breeder asks you questions about your home and family.

A good breeder really cares about puppies and wants to see them go to a good home. Therefore, good breeders will often ask about your situation and try to get to know you better in an effort to ensure you are the right person to bring a Dachshund puppy home. If a breeder seems uninterested in speaking with you, it could be a red flag.

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