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Patti's Dachshund Farm
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 by Yvonne Finch
Bella Mae

Truly blessed and thankful I found Patti and her family of Dachshunds. I was welcomed in her home and loved on from her dachsunds. She a true breeder by heart and cares 100% of her dachshunds and each puppy. She goes over every little detail about caring, feeding, health, and picking up your puppy and graciously prepares a wonderful packet of informative information as well as plenty of food. I am so blessed to have Bella in my life now. She is so sweet, playful and lovable. God Bless You, Patti! And thank you for blessing me with Bella Mae.

 by Ilene
Newest family member

Patti, we want to thankyou again for our sweet Maggie Belle. She has been the blessing we needed. Her spunk and gaiety brighten our days. People on the street, in our church, neighborhood all want to know where we got her. Hope you dont mind, but I told them. For all of you who dont already know, this is the place to get the perfect addition to your family. Maggie is healthy, happy and loving. We have followed Pattis advice on healthy vitamins and our baby girl is growing up. She just lost her last puppy tooth. She loves to be around children, we made sure to socialize her. Potty training was a breeze. Patti doesnt just sell puppies. She is a true and responsible breeder of dachshunds. Thank you again Patti...and may God bless you and your family.

 by Aubree Goldin
In love with our sweet Posie!!

My mom and I drove down 4 1/2 hours to pick up our sweet little long-haired dachshund from Patti! And let me tell you, it was totally worth it! Patti is one of the sweetest, most genuine and caring people I have met! You can really tell that she cares for each and every one of her dogs and little puppies. We have had some odd experiences in the past with other breeders, but meeting Patti has given us hope again! She is very educated about what she is doing in her business with her beautiful dogs. She had all of the papers and information we could possibly need to make sure we gave our little Posie a beautiful and healthy life! I can’t recommend patties dachshund farm enough! Bless her, and we can’t thank her enough for allowing us to take in one of her puppies, Posie has been a beautiful blessing to us, and it’s all because of Patti!

 by Sherrie & Bill Watson
Lily May

What a wonderful blessing we were given to find Patti's Dachshund Farm. When we arrived at Patti's home she met us with the cutest sweetest little puppy in her arms. Lily May is a black and tan long hair dapple bundle of joy. My eyes filled with tears of happiness. Patti welcomed us in her home and we were greeted by the "in house" dachshunds all barking and tails wagging. We all sat on the couch for our talk about Lily May and of course all the dachshunds joined us. The love and happiness in Patti's home with her fur babies was marvelous. We were then introduced to Lily May's mom, Lily Faith. A beautiful black and tan long hair, so healthy and very calm. We recommend Patti to anyone who wants a well bred, healthy and calm dachshund puppy. We wish Patti's Dachshund Farm was closer to our home so we could visit often. We have an awesome puppy and a new friend, Thank you Jesus for leading us to Patti. Love & Blessings, Sherrie & Bill

 by Karena Mecchia
Sir Luke Alabama Blessing

Luke saved me. Thank you, Patti, for welcoming me to the Alabama countryside. The land where beautiful baby Dachshunds grow in the name of Jesus. When I got to the farm, Luke, was waiting for me sweet as ever with lots of puppy love. I met Katie his mom and Charlie his dad. What a blessing. Patti treats her dogs like they are her children. Her professionalism and knowledge are immeasurable. When I left with Luke, I was prepared and ready to be a puppy mom. Patti designed a puppy packet with love that includes everything necessary to help new puppy parents. The trip home with my new bundle of joy was an adventure of a lifetime! Love you bunches, Patti!!!

 by Abdias Salas
A forever companion

I want to begin by saying Mrs. Patti is a true blessing, I purchased a beautiful chocolate and tan long haired female back in early March and to this day I am very grateful. I'm confident when I say that anyone who's purchased a pup from Mrs. Patti can confirm that our pups demonstrate the pristine quality that represents Mrs. Patti's small business. It's safe to say Mrs. Patti demonstrates great wisdom when it comes to her dachshunds. This is demonstrated with the starter package that she includes with her pups. This package includes the information to almost any scenario imaginable, and it helped me during my initial months with my pup. In all Mrs. Patti is a very respectful, knowledgeful, and professional person and I am glad to have been able to purchase a dachshund from her. May God keep blessing her and her dachshunds for many years to come. Thank you!

 by Maureen M Lovell

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and a precious new little boy! We made the trip home without difficulties! Safe and sound! Thinking of naming him Blaze, as he and I are blazing a new chapter together! You have a such a sweet spirit, Patti and rejoicing we met and our spirits connected! What a wonderful ministry you are providing to so many, I feel very blessed to have met you, my new friend! May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you in His care! Love you, soul Sister!

 by Scott

We bought our beautiful long haired chocolate girl from Mrs. Patti. The sale process was seamless as Mrs. Patti everything worked out and ready to go as soon as we arrived. She had an amazing packet put together with all of the information that we needed for puppy registration, vaccinations, food, vitamins, etc. She had lots of bonus material for how to take care of our dachshund. Every time that we had questions Mrs. Patti was very quick to respond and she was always very helpful. I can't be any happier with our new girl, Soleil. And being able to go through the whole process with Mrs. Patti was a huge blessing. I HIGHLY recommend working with Mrs. Patti if you are looking to add to your fur family!

 by Amy
Wonderful experience!

We had a wonderful experience working with Patti on expanding our home to include the sweetest little mini dachshund. Patti answered all of our questions even before we purchased a puppy. She is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares for her pups. She had a very thorough care package ready for us when we picked up our little one, including his lineage, health records, and enough food and vitamins to get us started. I cannot recommend her highly enough! We will definitely be reaching out to her again if we ever expand our family in the future.

 by Jo McDowell
Wonderful Addition to Our Family

We have had our little girl, Koko, for two weeks today. Our experience with Patti is everything I could have asked for. She is professional, caring, and is available for questions and pretty much anything I need, even after the sale. She definitely cares about her puppies. I would not hesitate to purchase from her again and would highly recommend her to anyone considering a dachshund. Koko is a terrific addition to our family and we love that she has come to live with us.

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(May 27, 2013) Michelle Copland said:

I purchase a puppy from Patti last year in January 19, 2012, my puppy was born. We brought Cocoa home in March and we have fallen I live with her from the time we laid eyes on her. We also gt our inlays to purchases one from Patti. Sophie and Cocoa have been a blessing to me and or family thank you Patti, I left you message today so when you have time call and let’s catch up and give you feedback on how your babies have grown up.

(Apr 23, 2013) Lori Marshall said:

We bought a beautiful long haired pie bald from Patti back in 2011. My husband was actually working in Alabama at the time. We went to the local flea market where Patti was set up. I fell in love instantly. Needless to say we took one home. She has been a joy ever since. She loves fetching balls. We truly love her and would recommend Patti to anyone looking for a dachshund puppy.

Lori Marshall, Texas

(Apr 18, 2013) Alyssa Nicole Thompson said:

I Absolutely LOVE your dachshunds your pictures of you and them inspire me to do this when i am older. I send you an email and I sure hope you get it and email me back! (:

(Feb 15, 2013) Jim said:

I love your puppies.

(Feb 15, 2013) Tim & Christy C said:

We have had our 2 puppies for over a year now Bella & Daisy they make us laugh every day & love chasing squirrels & birds, they are very much a part of our family, I am happy my husband found Patti

(Dec 19, 2012) Lisa Jones said:

Our puppy Luna is now a little over a year old and the love of our family!!! Patti kept Luna for a couple of weeks because she was a Christmas present. She was good to send us updates and pictures until we could pick her up. We looked forward to the emails. She truly loves and takes great care of her dogs!!! I am so happy we found Patti’s Dachshund Farm!!!!

(Dec 18, 2012) Cadie S said:

My puppy, Mojo is almost 5 months now. He is very healthy, beautiful, and smart with an awesome personality. He even loves to watch TV! I had a wonderful experience with Patti. She is so sweet and has great communication. Mojo is perfect and I am very pleased with the whole experience I had with Patti. I will recommend her and the puppies to EVERYONE!!!!!

(Dec 7, 2012) Kelly Wesley said:

Our sweet Duke is almost a year old now and has added such joy to our lives. He has the funniest personality and is so smart. We have gotten so many compliments (from the vet and his daycare) on his coat- very soft and shiny! I’d like to take credit it for it, but I think the care that Patti takes breeding her doxies makes all the different. She was so easy to work with, professional and caring. Thank you for everything!

(Nov 20, 2012) Becca & Brad said:

Our experience with Patti was amazing! We loved the way she cared for her babies, and it truly showed how much she loved them when we met her! We drove a few hours where we met the baby that melted our heart (actually 2 but we could only choose one unfortunately!) Gizmo is a happy, healthy, playful, and fun loving chocolate/tan dapple who loves everything/everyone! He is a wonderful younger brother to our other baby and fits right into our home:)Thank you Patti for adding our new baby into our home and I would 100% recommend her puppies to anyone!!!

(Nov 15, 2012) Norma & Roger said:

We are extremely happy with our experience dealing with Patti: she is a professional, caring breeder and we would recommend her to anyone who is interested in purchasing a Dachshund. Patti loves her babies and it is obvious with the way her dogs and puppies are cared for and loved. Our son was looking for a miniature dachshund and he researched Dachshund Breeders and found Patti’s Dachshund Farm in Alabama. He sent me a picture of a Chocolate piebald with four white feet a white tip on her tail and a white belly. She melted my heart on the spot, we live near San Antonio, Texas and we drove to Alabama the next day to pick her up. Sophie is healthy, loving, beautiful, very smart, friendly and spoiled. Our son purchased his precious Cocoa from Patti also.