Past Dachshund / Wiener Dog Puppies

Come by and check my Miniature Dachshund Kennel out, and see my puppies. I love to have visitors. All my pups are loved, and I want to find good loving homes for them. I have been raising ” Dachshunds ” all my life. I got my first dachshund puppy when I was 11, and now I am 59. They have given me so much love and joy. The Dachshund Dog Breed is so wonderful. They are loving, loyal, and excellent watch dogs. I personally think if you ever decide to get a “Miniature Dachshund,” you won’t ever get any other breed of puppy.

I do my very best to provide my Dogs and Puppies with the very best for their Diets, and Health Care. I feed them Eukanuba. This is an excellent Dog Food. It provides them with all the things they need to grow and develop into a beautiful Dog. I feed my little puppies Petite Race Small Breed, Small Bite Eukanuba. To get them off their mothers, I add Turkey Rice Baby Food, and can Purina Beneful, mixed with water, for a few weeks, then after easing out the other food, they are totally on the puppy food for a year. After a year I recommend Eukanuba Dachshund. .

I use NuVet Plus immune system builder for my Puppies and Dogs. This is an excellent vitamin, and on the Mothers Page of my website, you can see all about NuVet Plus. I also use Breeders Edge Supplements for prenatal, and nursing for the Mother Dogs. I use Frontline, Heart Guard, Panacur, and Fort Dodge Shots The Puppies get shots at 6, 9, 12, and 15 weeks. After a year old, the Dogs just get one shot from me, and I take them to the vet for their Rabies shot. I do my very best to keep all my Dogs and Puppies on all they need to be very Healthy.

I do not ship my puppies. I just don’t believe it is good for them to fly by themselves in the cargo hold of the plane. I have spoken with a couple of retired pilots, and they told me about the many dogs that do die being shipped, but of course, the airlines says it is completely safe. I just trust my instinct. I wouldn’t fly a people baby on a plane by himself, and so I won’t fly my puppy baby on a plane by himself.

All of my puppies come with a Health Guarantee. My guarantee is : I want you to take the puppy, after you purchase him, to your vet for a vet check. I do this with every dog that I buy. If your vet finds a life threatening problem, then you would call me, and I would verify it. You would get all your money refunded, or another puppy, your choice. I stand behind my puppies 100%.

Each new puppy owner is provided with 1) the AKC and CKC Registrations, 2) a Health Record, showing all of his wormings, and shots he has had, and a Schedule of the next shots due, 3) Sample of Food he is eating, which is Eukanuba Petite Race Small Breed Small Bite, mixed with Turkey Rice Baby Food, and Can Purina Beneful, mixed with Water, 4) a Copy of the Parents Pedigrees, 5) a Sample of the Vitamins, Nu-Vet, which the puppy is taking, and info on how to reorder the excellent vitamin, 6) and the Health Guarantee.

I always want my puppies to go to good and loving homes, where they are well taken care of. I would prefer my puppy owners to have a fenced in yard. Dachshunds are an excellent breed. I love all animals, but the little Doxie has my heart. I rescue Dachshunds also. If you know of one that needs rescuing, please let me know. I will come get him, doctor him up, if need be, and find him a good home. A home where he will be loved for the beautiful Dog he is. I do not sell my rescues, they are free to someone who will take good care of them.

Right now, I don’t have any Retirees available, but could possibly have one or two in the Summer.  I want all of my Retirees to go to excellent homes, where they will be loved for the remainder of their lives. So, if you know of someone that wants a beautiful little girl, tell them to call me. They are free to a good home, just have to be spayed.  I also like for the person that adopts my Dogs to email me pictures, and tell me how they are doing from time to time.  If for some reason you cannot keep my little Retirees, please call me, and arrange to bring them back.