4 Tips for Housebreaking Your Puppy

Mini Dachshund on the Grass

At Patti’s Dachshund Farm, we understand the excitement that comes with bringing home your very own puppy. However, getting your puppy acclimated to their new home proves a bit difficult when it comes to housebreaking.

Never fear; with our help, you can house train your puppy in no time!

Follow these four tips for housebreaking your puppy!

Teach them where to go

Your puppy needs an established bathroom spot that you consistently teach them to use; this way, they learn where they should and should not go to the bathroom.

Choose a spot outside to designate as your puppy’s bathroom spot and take your puppy there each time you take them out to use the bathroom. As you are training, give your puppy a treat outside a few seconds after they have finished going to congratulate them on a job well done.

Take them out often

Puppies go to the bathroom frequently, typically using the bathroom within 15 minutes of any activity like eating, drinking, walking, or playing.

Ensure that you take your puppy outside often enough to where they are not holding their bladders for too long. Aim to take your puppy out at least every two hours and give them time to go outside when they wake up, after eating, and after playing.

Taking your puppy out frequently reduces the likelihood of accidents in the house remember!

Expect and correct mistakes

Mistakes will happen; after all, your puppy is young and excited, and it takes patience and time to train them fully!

Try to interrupt your puppy if you see them starting to use the bathroom inside the house by making a noise to startle them or by saying “outside” and taking them to their designated bathroom spot.

Avoid punishments and simply clean up any messes you find in your home. Make sure to clean thoroughly any soiled areas to take away the smell that could attract puppies to the same spot to eliminate again.

Confine in a small space

Housebreaking is tough when you cannot constantly supervise your puppy. You will soon find your puppy needs to learn how to wait to go to the bathroom when you are away. Get your puppy a crate with enough space to comfortably turn around and lie down. Confining your puppy to this small space will eliminate their desire to use the bathroom there. You could also section off a small portion of a room to achieve the same result.

Make sure to take them outside as soon as you get home though!

There you have it; everything you need to housebreak your puppy and get them acclimated to their new home.

Now you just need the puppy! Bring home an adorable and loving mini Dachshund from Patti’s’ Dachshund Farm today.