A Helpful Guide to Your Puppy’s First Night Home

Dachshund Puppy

Bringing home a puppy will always be an exciting time, but it’s making it through the first night that is a true feat. Here’s a helpful guide to get you through the first night with your new pup!

You should already have all of the supplies you may need

Before you pick up your puppy to take to its forever home, it’s essential that you do a little shopping in preparation. Your hands will be full with the puppy and there won’t be any extra hands to carry last minute supplies! Here are a few of the essentials:

  • A collar with accompanying collar tag. Be sure that you have your contact information for if ever your puppy loses its way.
  • Food and water bowls filled to the brim for your new pup
  • Pee pads and pen or baby gates to ensure safety
  • Toys and treats galore!

Make sure everything is calm around your puppy’s new house

Puppies are usually adopted and brought home when they are eight weeks or older, which has allowed them time to strengthen up, socialize with their siblings, and become acquainted with normal household noises. However, when you take your pup home, you are changing their whole environment and what they have become accustomed to. Be respectful of this and keep your house calm for the first night and maybe even a few nights after.

Be aware of your puppy’s small and excitable bladder

You’re going to want to implement a potty training strategy starting on day one anyway, but it’s important to stay conscious of your puppy’s tiny bladder. As soon as you get home, show them an established potty spot and also try to take them out frequently as well, so they get used to the routine. Their bladder will react accordingly if they get too excited while playing or too anxious in your house. Do not get upset with their uncontrollable bladder at this age; instead reward them with high praises and a treat when they go to the bathroom correctly!

Last but not least, show your new arrival unconditional love

This should be an obvious tip to survive your first night, but some owners are very hesitant when it comes to a brand new puppy or if it’s their first. Show them the love and make them feel at home. That’s one requirement at Patti’s Dachshund Farm; we want our puppies to go to good and loving homes. We also offer a 1 year Health Guarantee if you order and continue your pup on the Nu-Vet Plus Vitamins that your puppy will already be on! If you are looking for the perfect dachshund puppy to bring home, and you think you can be successful in your first night, give us a call at 334-385-2600 or 713-591-7412 today!