Advantages of Adding a Dachshund to a Home with Kids

Dachshund Kids and puppies are a match made in heaven. Having a puppy can teach a child to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, give them a desired playmate and even teach them responsibility. Still not convinced? Studies have shown that owning a dog can actually reduce stress and blood pressure. This may be due to the exercise, but we still think that it’s a great benefit for being a dog owner. At the end of the day, a pet is supposed to enhance your lifestyle. It’s not only a great experience for children, but owning a dog can be great for adults too! But what kind of dog would work best for your family?

We may be a little biased, but at Patti’s Dachshund Farm, we believe that a dachshund is the perfect match for a small child. To start with, you don’t have to worry about your child being knocked over by a dachshund. These small pups are a great fit no matter what the size of your home is. They’re easy to transport and they have a great personality, as well.

Dachshunds are also very intelligent, loving animals, and tend to have the right energy level to keep up with a child. They are still very playful and energetic, but not so much so that they are unmanageable, which can be the case with some sporting dog breeds. As a smaller breed, they also won’t require a ton of extra space, and tend to have a smaller food cost, with dachshunds unlikely to eat you out of house and home, unlike some larger breed.

The dachshund breed is also known for being very loving. They love to cuddle and show affection, and perhaps as an extension of that passion for their owners, they also make excellent watch dogs. If an individual is coming up your driveway or walking around outside, your dachshund will make sure that you’re informed of the situation. Dachshunds may be small in body, but big in heart – which you’ll very clearly see when you add one to your home.

At Patti’s Dachshund Farm, we believe that a dachshund would be a perfect addition to your family and a great companion for your child. We have new puppies available regularly, giving you an opportunity to select the perfect puppy for you. If you have any questions about dachshunds or would like to discuss whether a dachshund might be the right dog for you, call me today at 334-385-2600 or 713-591-7412.