Advice on Swimming with Dachshunds

Swimming Dachshunds

Certain dog breeds get a reputation for not doing well in the water. Dachshunds are one of them. Due to their small legs and heavier torsos, most dachshunds aren’t natural swimmers.

However, it’s important remember that every dog is different and if your dachshund loves to jump in, you can help.

Some dachshunds love the water

One thing to keep in mind is that even though some breeds are “predisposed” to like or dislike certain things, if your dog is open to new experiences, embrace that. If you introduce the water to your dachshund at a young age, they may eventually grow to love the water. You can train your dachshund to be comfortable in the water by bringing them close to the water but not forcing them in. Allow them to measure their own comfort level through their curiosity and see if they’ll be willing to dip their paws in.

Play fetch

Once your dachshund gets comfortable, play a game of fetch in a shallow area to see how well they do in the water. Eventually, their instincts will take over and they’ll likely start to swim.

Help them out of the pool

If you’re swimming in a pool, once your dog gets into the water, they may not remember how to get out. If your dog starts to look distressed, pick them up and show them where the pool’s stairs are. If you have a pool ladder, you’re going to need to help them get out and keep a close eye on them.

Stay close to your dachshund

You do need to be careful when exposing your dog to the water as not all of them will be comfortable or be strong swimmers. Stay close to them and make sure that they can see you to help keep them comfortable. If your dog starts to struggle or whine, help them out of the water and award them with a treat for their bravery!

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