Common Dog Behavior Problems and How to Fix Them

Whether it’s a new pup or your seasoned dog, you’re bound to see some behavioral issues crop up. Thankfully, most of them are easy to fix.

Here are a few common dog behavior problems that you may run into and how to fix them!

Chewing or Digging

Often, dogs begin chewing on things or digging indoors out of boredom.

Since man’s best friend is an extremely energetic creature, they require a lot of exercise—and the bigger the dog, the more energy they pack. If you notice that your pup is digging or chewing more than the norm, it’s time to up their exercise time. And maybe bring in a few new chew toys so that your shoes can have a break!


Begging is a habit that is best nixed during the puppy stage. However, there are some ways around it if you’ve passed that period.

If your dog is whining while you are eating, try your best to keep them away from the dining area. It’s suggested that you place them in their crate to help them learn that they’re not on their best behavior. But remember, you don’t have to deprive them of everything!

When giving your dog scraps, just try to only give them to him or her in their bowl during regular feeding times.


When dogs get excited, they tend to jump up on people. But be wary, they can also do this to show aggression. Grabbing your dogs’ paws and tell them, “no.”

The best method though is to turn around and ignore them. We know! It’s so hard to do to your pup, but it will be effective. When he or she relaxes, stay calm and reward them.

When it comes to mini Dachshunds, you may not experience them jumping up on guests because of their small stature, but it is still vital that they learn how to behave.

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