Getting Your Dachshund Exercise: Keep it Light and Have Fun!


Exercise for Your DachshundWe all love our pets, and dogs especially are known for sharing a special connection with their human owners. We know that it’s just as easy for a dog to get chubby and lazy as it is for a human, so we must make it our responsibility to keep them healthy and fit. Our furry pals need as much attention and care as we do, and we owe it to them to find exercise that is both healthy and fun.

Dachshunds, with their long bodies and short legs, have some special requirements (that we’ve discussed here) that should be considered when putting together an exercise routine for them. To protect their backs and spines, you need to limit how much your Dachshund runs, climbs, or jumps. So you’ll have to get a bit creative to make sure that they are getting enough exercise without getting bored. It can be difficult to protect the special needs of a Dachshund while keeping them engaged.

A good walk at a moderate pace is always a nice place to begin. Walks are healthy for pretty much every animal on Earth, so both you and your Dachshund will benefit from a nice brisk stroll. Walking on soft surfaces, like earthy trails or grass, is always preferable for both humans and animals. These will have less of an impact on sensitive joints than hard surfaces like sidewalks or tarmacs.

Fetch is another fun activity for most animals and, as long as your Dachshund is not running or jumping too much, it can be a fun way to break up the routine. It also provides your dog a feeling of achievement, and is another easy and inexpensive way to get fit. Just make sure your session of fetch doesn’t go on too long, even if your Dachshund doesn’t want to quit.

Another great way to keep your Wiener Dog occupied and to make him think a bit, is to create a simple obstacle course using tunnels for your Dachshund to maneuver through, and hoops or sticks to weave in-and-out of. Obstacle courses exercise the body and mind and are enjoyable ways to keep your dog physically and mentally fit, as well as feeling good about himself. It can be quite entertaining watching your dog or puppy try to find their way through your creation.

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