Hair of the Dog: Looking at Dachshund Coats

You probably love your dachshund for their playful, courageous personality. Not to mention, they’re sweet little faces!

Although dachshunds do vary in overall appearance, they also have three coat varieties: short, long and wiry.

Short-coated: The short-coated dachshund is known for its glossy, silky-smooth coat. Great for petting! This type of dachshund is also known as “smooth-coated.” A dachshund with a short coat requires less grooming than its long- or wiry-haired fellows.

Long-hair: These dachshunds have long, wavy fur, especially on their tDachshund Coats ails. Sometimes, their fur can reach all the way to the ground. Make sure you brush your long-haired dachshund frequently to keep his coat free of tangles and snarls! Also, dry your long-haired dachshund thoroughly after a bath or getting caught in the rain, since all that fur can retain water and make your pup uncomfortable.

Wiry: If you’ve ever seen a dachshund that looks like it has a beard, that’s the wiry-haired variety. Wiry-haired dachshunds have a coarse, rough outer coat with a softer under-coat, along with the signature wiry beard and eyebrows. These dog’s double-layered coats are actually waterproof – pretty neat, huh?

In addition to different coat types, dachshunds also come in a variety of colors. A black-tan combo is one of the most common, along with solid red or tan, some people call red tan. Many long-haired dachshunds have red coats, and wiry or long-haired dachshunds can be piebald, which means that their coat is white with patches of black, gray or tan.

There are also cream dachshunds that are yellow, as well as Isabella and tans, which can be found at the top of my website. There are also silver and tan dachshunds, that reflect the color of a weimaraner, as well as blue and tans. I am elated to share that I have all of these colors!

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