Having A Pet Can Make You More Social With Other Humans

Study after study reports that having a pet provides a rainbow of health benefits from lowering stress and blood pressure levels to improving your mood and outlook on things.

Did you know that owning a pet may also have an effect on your social life?

Becoming a Social Butterfly

Usually when people walk down the street and they pass others there may be a nod, smile or a pleasant “hello” exchanged, but most people keep walking.

Give one of those pedestrians a dog and they instantly become approachable.

Being a dog owner is more lethal than having a baby in the checkout line at the grocery store; most women will stop and ogle over a baby, but anyone will stop and make a fuss over a dog.

Ice Breaker

People connect over things they have in common and having “pet owner” as a description you both carry opens a world of possibilities in conversation.

Sharing and exchanging cute pet stories can lead to having other meaningful exchanges.

Before you know it you’ll be best friends with your neighbor, borrowing a cup of sugar and maybe even house sitting.

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