Housebreaking and Dachshunds: Instilling Good Habits

Housebreaking and Dachshunds: Instilling Good Habits

When you bring home your new dachshund, one of the most important things to begin with is potty training your pup. As a dog enters a new home, schedule and life with you, they need to learn their boundaries and when and where they can take care of their daily business. This can be a frustrating process, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to make housebreaking your new dachshund easy and successful.


When training your dog, the first thing is to be consistent, which means making sure that everyone in the family is on the same page. If your dog receives different commands or reinforcement from other members of your home, it will take longer to get your dog housetrained. You need to work with your dog and be kind, not cruel. It’s important to remember that if they make a mistake, it’s not because they necessarily intend to – it’s simply that they don’t yet know better.

You should scold your pup for going in the house, but then take them promptly outside to help show them that they should be doing their business outside. You also need to remember that a dog that isn’t housebroken cannot be left alone. If they are out of their crate, you or your family members will need to be with them at all times. This way you can intervene at the first sign they need to use the bathroom and help them learn the correct way to ask to go out.

Positive Reinforcement

For a behavior to become learned, praising positive actions is key. That means you should positively recognize when your dog goes outside or asks to go outside correctly. By providing the reward of praise or treats when they manage to hold their business until they get outside, they will begin to associate that action with positivity, which will help them want to go outside to use the bathroom, in turn, ensuring that they do so more consistently.


When your dog goes in the house, it is important not to get overly upset. If you scream and yell and make a fuss, this could scare your pup, possibly leading to nervousness or shyness in your dachshund. Politely but firmly scold your pet, then take him or her outside to do their business. Echoing the positive reinforcement notes above, you should act excited and positive when your dog goes outside to help associate positivity with potty experience for your pet.

Create a Schedule

You can also help train your dog on proper bathroom breaks by following a regular schedule. This means making sure to take your dog out at the same times each day so that they can start to get used to their routine. Commonly, one way to do this is to make sure that you take your dog outside after he or she eats. Puppies normally have to use the bathroom within half an hour of having a meal. Making sure that your dog has an opportunity to relieve themselves following their meal will help them develop a habit of eating and then having a potty break, helping them know when – and where – to go to the bathroom.

At Patti’s Dachshund Farm, we have years of experience working with training dachshunds and know that adding a new friend to your family can be stressful – both for you and for your dachshund. We have years of knowledge when it comes to training, and can help answer your questions when adopting a new pup from us. To learn more about our available puppies or about the best practices for housebreaking, give us a call today at 713-591-7412!

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