How to Keep Your Dog Active this Winter

Winter is coming at us fast and early this year, which means freezing temperatures and a decrease in daylight hours. However, just because you could do with a little hibernation this season doesn’t mean that your dog can. Despite what the weather may be like outside, it’s very important that your dachshund get the exercise that he needs to stay fit and healthy.

So although you’ll have to say goodbye to long days spent at the dog park for at least a few more months, remember that there are still plenty of ways to keep your pup active this winter. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Fetch Sit-Ups

Much like the last idea, the fetch tease allows you to get some exercise right along with your pet. Lie on the floor and start doing sit-ups with one of his toys in your hand. When you sit-up, pretend to throw the toy so he’ll chase after it. Every now and again, actually throw it.

Pay Hide and Seek

Dogs are like young children; if you’re not in their direct line of vision, they will search high and low until they find you. Throw one of his toys into another room to distract him and then run to hide somewhere. Hoping to continue your game of fetch, your pup will run all over the house to find you!

Actually Go Outside

It can’t be that bad! Sure, you won’t be able to take long evening walks like you could in the summer, but a quick walk around the block won’t hurt you or your dog. Get outside and breathe some fresh, cold air!

Just because the weather has changed, doesn’t mean that you and your pup should spend the next few months lying around like bumps on a log. Get up and make sure you both stay fit and healthy! For more dachshund tips, be sure to read through our blog!