How to Puppy-Proof Your Home for Your New Mini Dachshund

Preparing Your Home for a Puppy's First Night

Are you preparing to invite a new pup into your home? Mini Dachshunds are an amazing choice for a new lifelong friend, but there are some steps you can take to make sure that your home is ready for a puppy!

Tuck trash away

A garbage can is full of interesting smells and your puppy is bound to take notice. Make sure all your trash is secured so that your pup can’t get into it. This will prevent messes in your house, and from exposing them to potentially dangerous things such as xylitol gum, tissues, or plastic bags which could cause harm.

Keep cords out of sight

Electrical cords are a hazard for dogs because you know they’re just itching to take a bite.

This can lead to burns in their mouth and, in the worst of cases, lead to electrical shock. Make sure electrical cords are away from anywhere your dachshund may be able to access.

Do your plant research

While you may enjoy looking at your houseplants, your Miniature Dachshund may enjoy nibbling them. Certain plants may look harmless, but can cause serious problems for your dog, from mild rashes and upset stomachs, to more serious health issues.

Some plants to stay away from are the Sago palm, Castor Bean, American Yew, and Autumn Crocus.

Once you puppy-proof your house, it’s time to get your puppy! At Patti’s Dachshund Farm, we provide each and every client with the highest quality Mini Dachshund puppy and ensure that every pup goes to a good home. Browse through our new puppies or call us at 334-385-2600 with any other questions!