Keeping Your Puppy Healthy And Active During Winter

When the snow starts falling, no one really wants to venture outside for too long. Which is why in the winter, we tend to gain weight from a lack of exercise.

It’s chilly, the days are shorter and we all just want to curl up and watch the snow fall from a warm, comfy seat inside.

When you’re a pet owner it can be challenging to keep yourself and your puppy active and healthy in the winter months.

It’s important that we allow our pets to release some energy and ensure that they stay active and healthy, especially when you have a new puppy.


So, how do we fight the urge and help our dogs stay active? Try these tips:


Make meals and snack time fun.

Rather than just putting their food into a bowl, try putting it in a feeding toy. Your dog will enjoy running around and working for their food.

It is also beneficial for their stomach and digestive system.

It’s the same idea for giving your puppy treats; make it fun and let them run around. You can hide their treats around the room and then let them find them.

Start with easier spots and slowly increase the difficulty.

Playing basic games is a good way to have fun and train your puppy. Play fetch at the top of the stairs and get your puppy to return the ball to you at the top of the stairs.

They’ll get the exercise in and learn the focus needed for fetch.

It’s the same idea with tug-o-war; they can learn to focus despite distractions around them and learn that when you say the game is over, the game is over.


Be brave and face the cold.

If you’re ready to enjoy the winter wonderland outside, have a snowball fight with your puppy.

Dogs do enjoy the snow and running through it. Just make sure you don’t let them stay outside for too long as they can suffer from frostbite and hypothermia as well.


Go for a walk.

Your dog will still enjoy a nice stroll around the block; however, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure that they are comfortable.

If they have short hair, consider putting a jacket on them.

Towns treat the sidewalks with salt which can hurt your dog’s paws. When you come in from the walk, wipe your dog’s feet off and check for any sore or irritated spots.

Remember, when your dog isn’t stimulated it could result in excessive chewing, getting into the garbage and increased anxiety.

If you would like more information about keeping your puppy healthy, please contact us here at Patti’s Dachshund Farm.