Most Popular Dog Names for 2014

Welcoming a new dog to your family is indescribable. You have just gained a new friend and member of the family that will bring you endless joy and memories. After you pick up your new dachshund however, he’s going to need a name! So how do you decide? Well why not consider a name that reflects his character, disposition and appearance?Most Popular Dog Names for 2014 | Patti's Dachshund Farm

We would also recommend sticking with shorter names for your new dachshund. Dogs have an easier time understanding and responding to a name that is one or two syllables long. This is why commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “no” are easily learned.

You should also consider naming your puppy something that contains sharp consonants. Since they hear high frequency sounds very well, names that begin with s, sh, ch and k are prime choices to gain your pet’s attention.

Our last tip is not to choose a name for your new puppy that could be confused with a command. Examples of this would be “Bo” and “no.” Your furry companion doesn’t understand the actual word but the frequency, so two similar frequencies could lead your pup to believe he is in trouble when you are actually calling his name.

Deciding on a name for your new dog is no easy feat so we have decided to share a list of the most popular dog names for 2014 to help get you inspired.

Top 5 Male Dog Names:                            Top 5 Female Dog Names:
1. Ace                                                             1. Bella
2. Bailey                                                        2. Coco
3. Boomer                                                     3. Daisy
4. Charlie                                                      4. Katie
5. Finn                                                           5. Lexie

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