New Dachshund and Your Current Dog: How to Have a Happy Introduction

Bringing two dogs together that are unfamiliar is always a trying time. Will they like each other, will they fight, will there be competition for food or attention?

When introducing a new pup, your old dog could get defensive, so it’s important to still respect the old dog’s territory and slowly ease your new dachshund into your family’s lives. Here are a few tricks and tips that should make the transition easier.

Initial Introduction

The actual introduction itself should occur on neutral ground, such as a park or at least outside of the home, if possible. If you choose to go to a park, then make sure both dogs are on leashes with a little bit of slack – do not hold either dog. By having more freedom to move and not trapped in your arms, they can feel more in control and more comfortable.

Free to Explore

PetMD suggests that after the initial meeting, you should allow your new dachshund to explore your home more freely. This means keeping your current dog or dogs confined or outside while the new pup can smell around and get to learn about your home. This should be supervised by you and limited to 15- or 20-minute sessions a few times a day so as to not overwhelm your new puppy with too much to take in, see and explore.

Role Reversal

Following the new puppy exploration, allow your dog back in and move your pup to a separate room or crate. He or she will probably sniff around, detecting the scent of the new “invader,” and this is when you should provide your faithful friend with extra care and comfort. This is a new experience for them and they need your reassurance and comforting during this time.

Transitioning to Togetherness

As these phases continue, you can eventually move toward meeting inside the home. One of the most obvious signs that your two pups may be ready to meet is when your old dog stops actively sniffing and pursuing around each time you let the new pup out to play. This shows that he or she has gotten acclimated to your new dachshund’s scent, and under supervision, is likely ready to meet with your new addition to the home.

We want to note that each introduction needs to be approached on a case-by-case basis. Dogs, like humans, all differ and that means each introduction will differ, too. By following these tips, however, you can help to make the transition and addition of a new dachshund as peaceful and smooth as possible so that you and all your four-legged friends can live together happily and harmoniously.

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