Popular Names For A Dachshund Puppy

Popular Names For A Dachshund Puppy

So you’ve decided to get a cute, little Dachshund puppy and now it’s time to pick out a name for your new furry friend.


Sometimes you’ll get lucky and you’ll take one look at your puppy and just know the perfect name.


Maybe their coloring will help inspiration strike.


Tan like a Twinkie? Does Rusty describe his coloring?


Or Brownie?


Maybe they have a quirky personality that makes it easy.


Is your puppy somehow able to slip away and steal something from you?


Bandit might be a fitting name.


In the past traditional, cute names were the way to go, “Baby”, “Minnie”, etc. for females and for males, the classic tough names were popular “Butch”, “Cujo”, you catch the drift.


There are many who stick with the classic Weiner dog names like Oscar, Weiner, and Frank.


Now it seems like more and more people are naming their new young dogs after people like Lilly, Bentley, or Simon.


Here are some of the top Dachshund puppy names:


For Female Dachshunds


Abby, Cali, Dixie, Duchess, Elsa, Foxy, Sadie, Lady, Lulu, and Zoey.


For Male Dachshunds


Baxter, Buddy, Chico, Cooper, Jake, Max, Oscar, Otis, Rusty, and Winston.


Choosing the name for your puppy is important and it can seem tedious to go through so many options.


Choose a name that you like, you’ll be using it often so that is important.


Pick a name with one or two syllables, any longer can be difficult for your dog to understand.


If you’re torn between a few names, try them all out for a few days and see how your dog responds to you.


Avoid using names that sound similar to commands, which could get confusing for your pet.


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