How to Leave Your Puppy Home Alone

dachshund puppy

Nothing warms the soul like having a newborn puppy around. The opportunity to watch them play, learn, and interact with the world through fresh eyes is a truly remarkable experience. At some point, though, we all have to go to work and leave our puppy at home. This is a hard day in the life of both puppy and human caretaker. By having a game plan for leaving your puppy home alone, however, you can ease the transition for both yourself and your dog.

Exercise Beforehand

Setting aside time for exercise will not only benefit the health of your growing puppy, it will also tire them out so they won’t be as anxious when you have to leave. Take your puppy for a morning romp around the yard, or have them play a few high-energy rounds of fetch before you leave for work. This way, by the time you leave, your canine companion will be ready to while away the hours with a nap.

Leave a Souvenir

Go to your laundry basket and dig out the smelliest old T-shirt you can find. Put it in your puppy’s bed before you leave the house. Your old gym shirt might smell pretty unsavory to human noses, but to your puppy it will smell like home. Leaving scented comfort items for your dog can help to reassure them that even though you have to leave sometimes, you’ll always come back.

Keep Little Minds Occupied

A bored puppy is more likely to grow anxious, upset, or even destructive when you leave the house. Just like when raising human children, our best bet at avoiding incidents is to keep them busy. There are a number of puzzle toys on the market that reward your dog’s determination and problem-solving efforts with treats. Chew toys can also help to keep your dog engaged and entertained while you’re away. Just be careful not to leave your puppy with any toys that might constitute a choking hazard, particularly if your puppy is prone to eating things they shouldn’t.

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