Preparing Your Home for a Dachshund Puppy


preparing for a dachshundAt Patti’s Dachshund Farm, we love seeing Dachshund puppies go to good homes where they’ll be lovingly cared for, entertained, and treated like a true member of their new family. In some ways, Dachshund puppies are a lot like newborn babies—you need to do a some good work to prepare your house or apartment for their arrival.

If you have breakable, valuable items in your home that are irreplaceable, the first thing you should do is put those items out of sight and out of reach. Remember, a new puppy doesn’t yet know its limits—it’s your job to teach them which areas are off limits, which items they are allowed to play with and which ones they should not touch at all.

You’ll also need to manage your Dachshunds big mouth well before it becomes powerful enough to wreak havoc on every shoe in the front hall. Like many other dog breeds, Dachshund’s naturally love to chew, and they certainly don’t discriminate. Fill your home with fun toys that will keep your Dachshund occupied, and always keep a good one on hand in case he finds an inappropriate chewing target away from home.

For the very same reason, it’s important that you clear the area of potentially dangerous items and substances. A curious Dachshund could choke on objects like coins, yarn, or rubber bands, and it’s your job to make sure that they don’t. Make sure that all toys are safe for young puppies.

Also, many everyday items that are completely unthreatening to us can actually be poisonous to dogs. Would it be okay for your Dachshund to chew up that plant in the corner of the room? Even some of our favorite human foods could make your puppy sick. Do your research as a parent would to protect your puppy from harm.

Of course, you’ll need to survey your home’s terrain, especially for a unique breed like the Dachshund. Even when Dachshund’s grow older, it’s not healthy for them to constantly run up and down stairs or to jump on and off of furniture. It may seem ridiculous, but consider some baby gates to wall of the stairs and some simple ramps to help them onto and off select furniture. Dachshund’s like to go down as much as they do up, so watch out for the digging that Dachshunds are known for, and make sure it stays harmless.

Don’t freak out too much. After all, you’ll surely learn more and more as you go. Just remember to get into the proper mindset of sharing your home with a new friend that will last for many years. If you’re interested in adding a wonderful Dachshund to your home, visit Patti’s Dachshund Farm for more information.