Protecting Your Pup During the Christmas Season

Dogs at ChristmasThe holidays are almost here, and at Patti’s Dachshund Farm, we love everything about the holidays. The festive cheer, the Christmas songs and of course, the holiday treats and feasts. However, as much fun as the holidays are for us, there can be some concerns for your dachshund during the holidays. It’s important to know areas of risk where your dog could get hurt, so we’ve put some tips together so you can keep your pup safe all through the holiday season.

Tree Placement

Nobody puts baby in the corner, but that’s exactly where you should place your Christmas tree. This will prevent your pup from trying to jump onto the tree or pull ornaments off. It also limits how much of the tree can be accessed by a curious dog, which can help prevent a holiday disaster.

You should also think about your ornament placement, and refrain from hanging dangling ornaments at the bottom of the tree. Dogs like to play and if they see an interesting-looking ornament in their eye line – especially a ball-shaped ornament – there’s a chance they will go after it. If the ball drops and shatters, your dog could step in it and slice their paw. Always pay attention and keep an eye on your dachshund when you have your tree up.

Lights and Candles

Lights should also be kept out of your dog’s reach. If your dog gets excited, they could run around the tree, possibly pulling out lights. If your dog likes to chew, you need to be especially careful as if your pup bites through a light cord, not only could they possibly get shocked, they could create a serious fire hazard in your home.

Similarly, burning candles is common at this time of year, but it’s important to keep them in a high place that’s completely out of your pet’s reach. The slightest tail bump could knock a candle over, so make sure that you place them on a high and stable platform to make sure there only thing you get you’re your candles is a seasonal ambiance and delightful smell.

Packages and Wrapping

Presents look pretty, but they could cause harm to your pet. Glues and adhesives on boxes could cause neurological damage if ingested, and yarn, ribbons, tinsel and string can all post a health hazard, as well. These items pose a strangling hazard for your pup or, if ingested, could cause a serious obstruction in their intestines that could be a major health emergency in some cases.

At Patti’s Dachshund Farm, we know how important the holidays are to you and your family. If you’re thinking of adding one of our beautiful pups this season, check out our available dachshund puppies now or call us today at 334-385-2600 or 713-591-7412 to learn more.