Special Health Tips For Miniature Dachshunds

miniature dachshund sitting outside in front of flowers

Miniature Dachshunds are loyal, affectionate and, of course, unbelievably cute. These little dogs may seem easy to take care of, but like other breeds, they do require extra care.

Consider these health tips when you are caring for your miniature Dachshunds and help them grow into the adorable, smart dogs they are.

Be gentle

Despite their brave and tough façade, your miniature Dachshund is actually quite fragile. Their bodies are not built for rough handling or wrestling. Even jumping off the couch and the stairs can cause leg and spine injuries. As such, you’ll want to handle them gently and ensure they have steps to get up and down high places. Additionally, homes with older children are generally a good idea to avoid any small children roughhousing or grabbing them to play.

Exercise to avoid weight gain

Because these puppies have such small legs and are low to the ground, any excess weight can be a huge health issue. Mini Dachshund puppies are prone to gaining weight and it can lead to more serious issues like back problems and joint disease. However, if your dog does gain some weight, they are more than happy to participate in fetch, hiking and other physical activities. By doing appropriate exercises for their muscle strength will help protect their spine from Intervertebral Disc Disease.

Nutrition for picky eaters

These puppies can be picky eaters, so choosing a food with the right amount of nutrients can sometimes be difficult. Eukanuba is an excellent dog food that will provide the nutrients your puppy needs to grow and develop. Consider adding supplements to their daily routine as well. NuVet Plus is an immune builder that protects your dog from pesticides, and other toxins. It will also strengthen the cardiovascular, skeletal and nerve systems.

Taking care of our furry pals is a big responsibility. If you have any questions or would like more information on activities or food options, please contact Patti’s Dachshund Farm today.