How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws

Dogs love to spend their time running around and exploring, and that’s all thanks to their paws! Their paws are made up of thick pads and nails that work to support your loyal companion when tackling the rough terrain.

Keep your dog happy and healthy by learning how to properly care for their paws!

Keep those nails trimmed

This isn’t the easiest task to accomplish with your furry friend, but it is a necessary one. If nails go untrimmed for too long, dogs can become very uncomfortable with every step and there’s the risk of a nail snagging and causing a serious injury to your pup. It’s also important to keep up on trimming the hair in between the pads as well to prevent matting.

Perform frequent paw checks

Check your dog’s paws regularly, especially after playing outside. This is where a lot of debris can accumulate between the pads and cause injury. After those paw checks, treat your pup with some moisturizer and a massage. However, stay clear of lotions meant for humans. They can actually soften the pads and cause more injury. Ask a veterinarian for their recommendation.

Different paw care for different seasons

A dog’s paw pads are very similar to the bottom of a human’s foot. So as you may know from experience, being directly exposed to an extreme temperature doesn’t feel too great. It’s important to keep this in mind when going for a walk during the summer or winter months.

Summertime walks

Try to stay away from extremely hot surfaces like sand or black top that’s been baking in the sun all day. If exposed too long, your dog could experience blisters or burning. A good test is to place your hand on the pavement and if you can’t hold it there comfortably for at least five seconds, then the surface may be too hot for your pup. Try sticking to the grass or a more shaded path!

Wintertime walks

It’s not just heat that can harm a dog’s paws. When exposed to cold weather, there’s the risk of pads drying out and becoming cracked. To make matters worse, the ground usually has salt on it during the snowy months to prevent ice from forming on streets and sidewalks. The salt and other chemicals used to fend off ice can get stuck in the paws and later could be toxic to dogs that lick their paws after. Eliminate this risk by ritually wiping your dog’s paws off after ever walk.

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