The Proper Way To Give Your Dachshund Puppy A Bath

The Proper Way To Give Your Dachshund Puppy A Bath

Do any pup owners out there have a hard time getting their dog to cooperate during bath time? Do any of those pups just have too much fun, and then you end up the one who gets wet?


Well, regardless of your pup’s quirks during bath time and whether he/she likes it or dreads it, here are some tips about the proper way to give your Dachshund puppy a bath.


First and foremost: be prepared. Make sure you have all of your grooming equipment handy, so that the process is as efficient as possible. We recommend gentle shampoos and soaps, specially formulated for pups, which are nontoxic and will clean without being too harsh.


Next, pick a spot for the bath. If your pup is cooperative during bath time, the tub might be a good choice, but if he or she likes to jump around and make a mess, the backyard might be better! (Here’s another hint: if your pup doesn’t react well to water, stay calm as you bathe, and reward him with treats during the bath.)


Dachshunds are known for their short legs and long bodies, and unfortunately, those long bodies can oftentimes cause your pup to have back problems, so be careful how you lift and hold your pup while you’re bathing him.


If your pup has hair on the longer side, you might find that brushing it before the bath can actually speed up the process. That way, all you have to do is shampoo, and your pup’s hair will already be smooth and untangled.


Make sure the water is not too warm and not too cold, and avoid getting soap and water in your pup’s nose and eyes. You can use a warm washcloth with no soap to more thoroughly clean around your pup’s eyes and ears after the bath.


As long as you remember these few tips, bath time with your pup will be a painless and even enjoyable experience!


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