Why You Should Get Pet Insurance

You’ve brought home your new dachshund puppy, and he’s everything you could imagine! But accidents can happen. Maybe your puppy has gotten into your secret chocolate stash, a food that is known to be toxic to dogs. Or maybe time has passed, your puppy is now full-grown, and he’s struggling with the health problems that come with age. When these events occur, it’s best to insure your pet just like you would any member of your family.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is just like human health insurance, but, obviously, for pets. The policies, also like human health insurance, can have a variety of deductibles, co-pays, and premiums, but unlike human health insurance, you usually have to pay the bill and wait for a reimbursement. Depending on the policy you choose, pet insurance can cover everything from accidents (like eating too much chocolate) to serious illnesses (like cancer). Some providers—the major ones being ASPCA, Embrace, Healthy Paws, and PetFirst—will also cover annual exams, flea and tick treatments, and vaccinations.

Vet Bills Are Expensive

Vet bills have always been a challenge, but in recent years the costs have grown. Since 2015, veterinary costs have risen over 10% for medical treatments and 5% for regular checkups. A part of that is due to the rising cost of veterinary school, along with more expensive operating costs. Alongside all of that, our pets are living longer and reaching ages where they can develop serious—and expensive—health problems. Getting your pet insured will make sure you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in vet bills later down the line.

Get It While They’re Young

Your new dachshund puppy will have lots of energy and, as a result, lots of opportunities to get into trouble. They really might get into that secret chocolate stash of yours, or they could jump off of a ledge and break a paw. When those things happen, you need to be prepared just as you would with a child.

Even if your puppy is always well-behaved (lucky you!), getting them insured while they’re young will prevent serious headaches down the line. No policy providers accept animals with pre-existing conditions, so getting insurance before your dog develops health issues will make sure that they’re insured if and when the time comes.

While no one likes to think about their animals getting sick or injured, it’s always best to be prepared when adding a new member of the family. And if you’re starting to think about adding that new furry family member, check out our latest pups who are still waiting for their forever home!