How to Care for Your Senior Dachshund

When we first adopt our dachshunds, they are lovable balls of energy and loyal companions. While this will always stay true, over time, they will start to slow down. Dachshunds, just like humans, will age. This doesn’t make them any less lovable or loyal, but it does mean they’ll need some extra care and attention.

Change their diet

Senior dachshunds are more laid-back and relaxed than their younger selves. This means they need less calories to get through the day. To prevent them from becoming overweight, you should adjust their diet accordingly. This means selecting the senior pack of food rather than the adult pack when you’re in the grocery store. Senior dog food provides the right nutrients to keep your dachshund healthy, while also targeting specific ailments like joint problems or allergies.

Perform regular, low-impact exercise

Your dachshund may be slowing down a bit, but they still need their regular exercise. Take them out for a walk once or twice a day. This will keep their weight in check while also maintaining their muscles and joints. Just remember that your senior dachshund doesn’t have as much energy as they used to, so be cautious of pushing them too far.

Take them for regular check-ups

As your dachshunds age, they may also start developing diseases and other ailments. For dachshunds, this includes joint problems, dental diseases, and other typical problems that elderly dogs develop. The best way to combat these problems and to further your dachshund’s quality of life is to take them to their regular check-ups. As seniors, they should visit the vet at least once every six months.

For more information on how to care for your dachshunds, read through our blog or contact Patti’s Dachshund Farm today!