Mindy, Heidi, and Sonya Had Their Little Mini Dachshunds on 8-30-14

Mindy had 5 little boys and 1 little girl.  All babies are doing well.  She birthed 5 little Chocolate and Tans, Short Hair and Longhair, and 1 little Short Haired Isabella and Tan.  What little Miracles born 8-30-14.


Heidi 2 had 5 little Miniature Dachshunds, 2 little boys, and 3 little girls, and all Longhairs, Creams, Chocolate and Tan, and Black and Tan.  This beautiful litter was born on 8-31-14.


My little Sonya had her little Mini Dachshunds on 9-7-14, and she had 3 little girls, and 2 little boy, Isabella and Tans, and Blue and Tans.  All of these beautiful babies are Short Hairs.


My little Gracie, which is another little Short Haired Isabella and Tan, is due anytime with more Isabella and Tans I hope, but for sure what God graces me with.


Check out New Puppies to see pictures of all my new additions.