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I Found a Great Home for My Little Patti Ann. Thanks for Adopting My Girl, and God Bless You.

I Have Retired My Patti Ann, and now She Has Her very Own Family.

This little girl is now 7 years old, and has been spayed, and just got her teeth cleaned.  She is a very sweet little girl, and only weighs 8 1/2 lbs.  She would make a very good lap dog, and she has 2 very be gorgeous piercing blue eyes.

So You’re Thinking About Getting a Puppy

So You’re Thinking About Getting a Puppy

A tiny loyal companion that is yours for life sounds amazing, right? It is! However, there are many factors to consider before making this big decision. Do you have enough time for a puppy? Of course you have enough love for a little pup, but do you have enough time to dedicate to them? ThisContinue Reading

Check out this!

My Gracie just had a beautiful litter of 7 Short Haired Isabella and Tan Mini Dachshunds.

She had 5 little girls and 2 little boys, and all are healthy and happy.  Check out my Website under New Puppies to see pictures of the boys and girls.

My Sadie, and Honey have now found new homes. They are both happy and healthy.

Jenny’s Newest Litter is tentatively due on 4-29-16. This Picture is of last Litter.



Chocolate is toxic to dogs and depending on the type and amount of chocolate consumed and the weight of your dog, it could cause a serious medical emergency. That said, if your dog ate a small amount of milk chocolate, you don’t necessarily need to panic. Learn how much is too much, which types ofContinue Reading

My newest Litter of Puppies was born on 2-3-16. My little Windy had 3 little darling Puppies.

Windy’s Puppies are AKC and CKC Registered, and Health Guaranteed.  

Come By and See Me at Patti’s Dachshund Farm

Right now I have several puppies, but only 4 little boys that are available.  They are so pretty.  I have 2 Short Haired Isabella and Tan Males,  and 2 Short Haired Gold Isabella Males.  You can see them under New Puppies and it is Gracie’s Gold Isabella Males, and Mendy’s Isabella and Tan Males.  ThanksContinue Reading

Common Puppy Food Allergies

Common Puppy Food Allergies

Puppies, just like people, can be allergic to certain foods in their diet. These allergies can manifest in a number of ways, and can be hard to determine given the diverse mix of ingredients in many puppy and dog food brands. Thankfully, food allergies in dogs are not fatal and can be identified and managedContinue Reading

When Checking Out My Website, Click on the Picture of the Puppy for More Pics, and Info about the Puppy

My Little Miniature Dachshund, Gracie, had 9 Puppies Today 9-10-14

My Gracie, a Silver Isabella and Tan had 9 little babies today.  This is a RECORD for me.  I have never had a Miniature Dachshund in 40 yrs to have 9 little Miniature Isabella and Tans, Gold, and Silver.  They are all well and doing fine.  My little Sonya, who had 5 puppies, is helpingContinue Reading

Mindy, Heidi, and Sonya Had Their Little Mini Dachshunds on 8-30-14

Mindy had 5 little boys and 1 little girl.  All babies are doing well.  She birthed 5 little Chocolate and Tans, Short Hair and Longhair, and 1 little Short Haired Isabella and Tan.  What little Miracles born 8-30-14.   Heidi 2 had 5 little Miniature Dachshunds, 2 little boys, and 3 little girls, and allContinue Reading

My Little Mattie had a Beautiful Solid Black Short Haired Male

He is so pretty.  This is the very first Solid Black Puppy I have ever had.  Check him out,  he shines like a Black Diamond, and he is so tiny.  He is AKC Registered, Health Guaranteed, and only $500.

My Mandy Had a Gorgeous Longhair Isabella and Tan Female

My little Mandy, one of my Longhair Isabella and Tans,’ had a beautiful little Longhair Isabella and Tan Female.  She was born on 3-17-14, and will be 6 wks old on 4-28-14.  I think the Isabella and Tan Mini Dachshunds are the Most Beautiful of the Dachshund Breed.  Check out the little puppy’s picture underContinue Reading

Daisy and Solphie’s Update

We are still awaiting for Mother Nature to Happen.  No Puppies yet, but will keep you Updated.

New Puppies Coming Soon!

My little Daisy, a Short Haired Red, and my little Sophie, a Long Haired Cream, are due any day now.  My posts will follow when puppies arrive.