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Why You Should Give Your Dachshund NuVet Plus

The health of your Dachshund puppy should be your top priority. While getting pet insurance is one way to help them while they’re ill, you also want to prevent illnesses when you can. NuVet Plus can help. Here’s everything you need to know about NuVet Plus and how it can help to keep your new… Read more »

How to Exercise Your Dachshund

When it comes to exercise, every dog is different. Some are satisfied with a quick walk around the park, while others will gallop alongside you for miles. Dachshunds are somewhere in between. While they are small dogs, they were bred for hunting, so they need the same amount of exercise as a bigger dog. Here… Read more »

5 Things You Should Know Before Adopting a Dachshund

So, you’ve decided to adopt a dachshund. Congratulations! We’re sure that you and your new dachshund puppy will be happy together for years to come. However, before you rush off to your closest dachshund breeder, there are some things you should know about this breed. Dachshunds have bad backs Weiner dogs are adorable, no one… Read more »

How to Groom Your Dachshund

We want our dachshunds to both feel and look as great as possible. We give them the healthiest food, as much water as they need, and we try our best to groom them properly. However, each dog is different, especially dachshunds as their coats can come in a wide variety of lengths and textures. If… Read more »

5 Unique Gift Ideas for Dachshund Lovers

Do you have a Dachshund lover in your family? Chances are you do. Dachshunds are one of the most popular dog breeds in America, and for good reason! Small, but feisty, these wiener dogs quickly find a way into our hearts. And with the holiday season upon us, now is the best time to give… Read more »

Thanksgiving Foods That Are Safe for Your Dog

Everyone, our dogs especially, loves Thanksgiving dinner. However, the things that are safe for us to eat aren’t always safe for our dogs to eat. We can try to resist those big, round eyes begging us for food all we want, but eventually we find ourselves caving in and giving out scraps underneath the table…. Read more »

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Dachshund

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with our friends and family, so of course we want our four-legged family members to join in on the fun. However, Thanksgiving can also pose unique risks to our dachshunds, such as poisonous treats and the stress of having so many people in the house. So, if you want… Read more »

Fall Safety Tips for Your Dog

There’s nothing quite like a cool, fall day spent cuddling up with your dog in front of the fire place. However, as much as we and our pets may love fall, there are plenty of dangers lurking out there for our four-legged family members. So, to make sure your dog has a great fall, check… Read more »

How to Housebreak a Dachshund

Dachshunds are an incredibly intelligent breed that can master tricks fairly easily. The one exception to this is housebreaking. Dachshunds are notoriously difficult to housebreak, but it’s not impossible. With time and a lot of patience, your dachshund can be housebroken just like any other dog. Here are some ways you can go about it:… Read more »

Dachshund Colors and Patterns

Many people simply describe their dachshunds as brown, red, gold, etc. But in reality, the colors and patterns of the dachshund breed are much more complicated. Dachshund Colors When someone refers to the solid or self color of a dachshund, they’re referring to the solid base color of a dachshund’s coat. A dachshund can have… Read more »

Summer Safety Tips for Your Dachshund

It’s the dog days of summer, and while the warm weather is a great opportunity to go outside and play with your dachshund, there are also a number of risks. Hot weather can be dangerous to pets, but if you practice some of these safety tips, you can continue to have your fun in the… Read more »

Why You Should Get Pet Insurance

You’ve brought home your new dachshund puppy, and he’s everything you could imagine! But accidents can happen. Maybe your puppy has gotten into your secret chocolate stash, a food that is known to be toxic to dogs. Or maybe time has passed, your puppy is now full-grown, and he’s struggling with the health problems that… Read more »

Caring for Your Dog: Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Protection

At Patti’s Dachshund Farm, we love our pups. That’s why we take their health very seriously. Here are some of our favorite tips for dog care and preventing fleas, ticks and heartworm: Fleas: These pests spread fast, so it’s important to take preventative action. Keep flea-spreading wildlife like opossums, raccoons and deer out of your… Read more »

4 Tips for Housebreaking Your Puppy

At Patti’s Dachshund Farm, we understand the excitement that comes with bringing home your very own puppy. However, getting your puppy acclimated to their new home proves a bit difficult when it comes to housebreaking. Never fear; with our help, you can house train your puppy in no time! Follow these four tips for housebreaking… Read more »

Dogs vs. Chocolate: How Toxic is the Sweet to Your Pup?

Chocolate is sweet, smooth, and delicious—for humans, that is. Although dogs love chocolate too, this sweet treat actually proves toxic to your pup, especially when eaten in large amounts. Before you leave your box of chocolates out in the open or sneak your dog a small chocolate treat, read up on how chocolate is toxic… Read more »

What to Know About Dachshund Temperament

Are you getting ready to add a Dachshund to your home? The best way to prepare is first, puppy-proofing your home. Then it’s time to do some research on your soon-to-be furry friend! Luckily, we did the hard part for you. Here’s what you need to know about Dachshund temperament and personality! The Dachshund may… Read more »

Common Dog Behavior Problems and How to Fix Them

Whether it’s a new pup or your seasoned dog, you’re bound to see some behavioral issues crop up. Thankfully, most of them are easy to fix. Here are a few common dog behavior problems that you may run into and how to fix them! Chewing or Digging Often, dogs begin chewing on things or digging… Read more »

Tips for Easing Puppy Teething

Teething can be a difficult stage of puppy growth, both for you and your dachshund. At around three months of age, your puppy will likely begin losing their baby teeth in exchange for a fresh set of adult chompers and you must be prepared! The puppy teething process & symptoms The teething process generally lasts… Read more »

4 Human Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

We’ve all been there before. You’re eating dinner and you look down—there’s your dog, waiting their share. Do you give them a piece of what you’re eating, or get out the dog food to make sure they’re satisfied? (Even though, as we know, this rarely works!) Well, if you’re going to feed your dog some… Read more »